About Me

Mother of three, winging it most days, exercise, good food and a little bit of gin is my lifestyle of choice!
Growing up on our family farm and within our catering business has given me a lifelong love of food and eating. I believe that there are few things as important as what, how and with who we eat.  After university and continuing to work within the family restaurants, I gained a diploma from Le Cordon Bleu and a diploma in Dietary Therapy.  Now with three children and a hungry husband, food has only increased in importance in my life.  I strive to provide them with truly nutritious food with minimal processing and refined sugars but maximum goodness and of course flavour-if it isn’t scrumdidliumptious (in the words of Roald Dahl and my son Charlie) then there’s no point!
My kids love a hot chocolate treat but I was dismayed by the additives, refined sugars and flavours that were added to many brands.  So, I began experimenting with ingredients and eventually came up with Cao, it instantly became a hit with friends and family!  Cao, named from the raw Cacao that we use, is a natural paste, which, when combined with hot milk  creates a rich and indulgent drink.  However, we soon discovered that these little beauties were so much more!  They are heavenly as a spread, sublime in smoothies and porridge, perfect poured over ice cream and born to bake with.  See the recipe page for ideas.  
I make Cao at home in my kitchen in Surrey, using organic, raw cacao and Grade A maple syrup.  
Not only is Cao insanely delicious but it is also dairy and refined sugar free and suitable for Vegans.  Classic, Mint and Orange are also gluten free.  This does not mean they compromise on flavour-they are great products which just happen to be suitable for (nearly) everyone!  They are honest, simple and of course scrumdidliumptious!