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Self Confidence

Last night was a huge moment for me, yet for onlookers it would seem that nothing had happened.  What I saw was my son, Charlie, metamorphose into a confident young man. Let me take you back a few years to when Charlie started school, he sobbed every morning and begged not to have to go, parties and clubs were spent (if we actually got there) with him clinging to my leg and refusing to join in.  Heart breaking (and excruciating) for parents, no one wants to see their child appear so unhappy and stricken by fear that it stops them having fun and making friends.  My torture was made worse knowing that I had been exactly the same-I knew only...

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The pursuit of perfection.

'Practically perfect in every way'.  How I feel I should be and it has only recently dawned on me that this might describe Mary Poppins but for those of us not in a Dick Van Dyke film it leaves us constantly failing, chasing our tails and demoralised. Perfection is an illusion-so why do I try so bloody hard to achieve it?  I constantly tell my kids that it is not just ok, but positively good to fail.  I realise now their desperation for instant perfection is my doing-another fail! Who wants perfection anyway?  Actually, I do quite like the idea but I'm trying to retrain my brain to accept its illusiveness. My imperfections are numerous and endless, large and small...

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