We have a new label!  It’s taken a while and there have been a multitude of ideas and versions along the way but we’re here and we love it.

So, the old label was only ever meant to be temporary (ish) to get the business off the ground.  A year on and we (my lovely husband the designer and general super hero) and I have a much clearer idea of the product and brand.

The first thing to tell you about is the change in description.  We are now calling ourselves a spread rather than a hot chocolate.  This doesn’t mean anything inside the jar has changed-not one ingredient or gram.  ‘Hot chocolate’ just pigeoned holed us too much and made it difficult to get across the huge versatility of Cao.  You see, it really can be used for so much, in drinks (smoothies, shakes, cocktails and hot chocolate), as a spread or sauce (pancakes, crumpets, ice cream and porridge), in baking (brownies, cakes and biscuits), the list is almost endless!  It was very tricky to write a succinct description of how to use Cao, but hopefully the list gives you some inspiration and the motivation to enjoy it as you wish.  ‘Eat it, drink it, stir it, spread it’ as we like to say!

The new label is also much clearer in terms of explaining exactly what is inside the jar-just organic raw cacao powder and premium Grade A maple syrup (in Classic and just with addition of peppermint or orange extract for those flavours).  Natural, real ingredients, so we needed to shout about it!

For a brief moment we thought about losing the foiling, but that madness didn’t last long.  Who doesn’t like a bit of bling?  Each label is foiled by hand and for us this continues the ethos of this handmade product and lovingly finishes it in the way it deserves.  We hope you agree that the colours reflect the products flavours and richness and that the label gives you what you need.  Ultimately, we want you to enjoy looking at it on your shelf almost as much as you enjoy eating it!